Reopening of the Vintage Restaurant “Il Brutto Anatroccolo”

Il Brutto Anatroccolo shoots his feathers but Room 514 is still his nest..



September 7 reopens our corner of pampering only this time will not be those thermal but those of the dishes of Il Brutto Anatroccolo that come from the belly to the HEART.

Greedy notes and curious phrases, foods that tell about us. No edges, but soft curves and round flavors, like in LOVE.

Do you want to get an idea of the menu? There it is!

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The Future Vintage Festival in Padua


A weekend all-vintage seen in trying aromas, flavors, combinations and wine pairings, we find ourselves in a fully themed context, that of the Future Vintage Festival in Padua that this year, just as they tell the restaurant’s courses, combine the value of knowledge with innovation to highlight a past that is also our present. Many appointments scheduled during the event that has reached its ninth edition. An event dedicated to lifestyle and communication with the aim of identifying the inspirations and contaminations of contemporary trends and defining the vintage “the origin of a future with more space“.


Enter Room 514 and discover the alcove of “Il Brutto Anatroccolo”


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Unquestionably “vintage” also the suite 514, the room on the fifth floor of the Ritz that represents the continuation of the restaurant, where its continues to talk about itself showing its unmistakable style even in the bedroom! The Creative Room 514 is the natural extension for those who want to stay in a dreamy environment by being transported gently in another dimension, combining a healthy rest.

Thanks to the collaboration with the artist designer Valter Davanzo, the owners Ida and Terry Poletto have created an exclusive space where the word “vintage” takes on the meaning of loved in the past.. After Il Brutto Anatroccolo room 514 joins the special rooms of the fifth floor, so that time can be told. Because the past has never been so present! Let yourself be amazed by an evocative decor where the rediscovery and the revisiting of “pieces” with a story can come back and be loved, used, and enjoyed, giving new meaning to the concept of the present.

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