Easy barbecue: the season’s started!


Time’s come for Easy barbecue into AbanoRITZ’s park! Since 20 years, with warm weather, AbanoRITZ turns your stay in something even more special.

Every year in the warm season, starting from springtime, AbanoRITZ’s park becomes a wonderful place for lunch, surrounded by nature in a peaceful atmosphere. With no interruption in such a well feeling condition that you can enjoy in the external area of the hotel after morning treatments, by floating in the swimming pool or relaxing under the trees.

Every day, from April to September, hotel’s guests can book a table in the garden and stay longer ouside for lunch, starting from 1 pm. Beyond the swimming pool they can find a wide and comfortable barbecue area with round stone tables to sit and have lunch in an informal way, more relaxed than ‘White gloves‘ restaurant’.

Thus our guests can just move from the swimming pool to the garden, take a sit under the trees and enjoy the original Italian barbecue formula: an easy way to make your lunch break special.

Easy barbecue offers a wide range of hors d’oeuvre, vegetable dishes, two warm main courses, white and red steaks to be grilled in the big barbecue chemny and served to the tables. Plenty of fruits and fresh yogurt are available for a fresh ending. You can have half bottle of wine and or glass of Prosecco wine to run your lunch.


Easy barbecue is a really good and tasty choice for lunch break during your stay in AbanoRITZ Hotel in warm seasons, according to an alternative and quiet rithm of living. It’s a kind of elegant and exclusive pic-nic, also for families: children will be free to play on the grass, following the rithm of the big windmill at the bottom of the park, and dogs will enjoy smelling sprin parfumes  in the air while you’re eating.

We remind you that in the park you can also find very comfortable hammocks that are the best places to have a quiet rest after lunch.

In the mid of Summer, you can enjoy Easy barbecu also for dinner once a week and in special dates: on St. Lorence’s night (10th August) and Ferragosto night, on 15th August when in the AbanoRITZ park you’ll there will be fireworks and a special buffet fruits, melon and sangria based.

Easy barbecue service is available on demand from 10 people to 50 people. 5 € extra charge per person is required.



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