Our vintage restaurant “Il Brutto Anatroccolo” is featured in the new culinary guide “Padova nel piatto“.

The guide, wrote by Renato Malaman with the help of Marco Bevilacqua and Bruno Gambacorta, traces a path among the most interesting restaurants of Padova and its surroundings. The book makes the reader understand that a restaurant is more than the dishes it serves: from the raw ingredients, to the plates, from the service to the furniture, everyting makes its part to create a history, an atmosphere, a culinary idea.

The book wants to tell this story, to guide through the rich culinary offer our territoryFrom the local kitchen to the ethnic one, from the tradition to the creativity, from élite dishes to low-cost solution: a journey to discover flavors, cultures and secretes of the culinary art. Because eating is good also for the soul. 


The authors

padova-nel-piattoRenato Malaman and Marco Bevilaqua are two local journalists, specialized in wine and food articles on both newspapers and magazines.


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