Venetian Women Entrepreneurs in the journey of writing

“There could not be happiness if the things we believe are different from the things we make.”

Freya Stark

Veneto is a region since always known in the business world and it grows day by day, thanks to concessions and subsides, especially regarding young people and women. Obstinate, brilliants, energetics, enthusiastic, you name it: Venetian women have for sure a special vocation in this area which they personalize with innovation giving to the industry an own identity. Family business, new or grew in the time which bring and keep to the top the Italian prestigious in the world; Venetian women tell, thanks to the collaboration with Donne Si Fa Storia (Women make history), in the volume “Le donne che fecero l’impresa – Nessun pensiero è mai troppo grande” (Women which made the business – No thought is ever too great), Edizioni del Loggione.

We proudly read with the words of: Antonia Verocai Zardini, photoreporter during the first world war; Maria Antonietta Avanzo, first automobilist italian pilot in addition to be entrepreneur in the agricultural and film industry always during the war; Michela Signori, standing between cinema and theater with her Jolefilm (which has shown its last work, “Effetto Domino”, at the Venezia Film Festival this year); Giulia Mancini, head of an enterprise which creates and realizes cultural-sport events; M.Teresa, Cinzia and Katia Pizzocaro, designers and creators of dance shoes for the maison Paoul; Marilisa Allegrini, Worldwide promoter of the Valpolicella seen her innate passion for the enology; Barbara, Cristina and Teresa Poli, in the grappa family business; Sarah dei Tos, in the heart of the vineyards between prosecco and outdoor tourism; Albina Podda, manage with passion the  CLAP Communication; Carmelina Palmisano, of the well-known biscuit shop in Burano and Venetian area; Chiara Rossetto, creative of flours; Sabrina Carraro, manager of the Dotto Trains; Elisabetta Canale, administrator of one of the biggest camping in Europe: Camping Village Marina of Venezia; Antonella Candiotto, who promote the culture centered on the people’s growth with the Galdi Srl; Edy Dalla Vecchia, commercial and administrative manager of Effedue: leader in the high-precision machining; Silvia Bisconti, researcher and tissues designer for her Raptus & Rose; Elena Zuin, experimenter of tissues and couture solutions for the IN.ZU bags; Claudia Tosi, who took over, giving it life, the Fashion Center Polesano accompanied by 22 women entrepreneurs; Stefania Lucchetta, gold designer in the family business; Renata Bonfanti, shell and tissue designer; Francesca Marucco, of the Marchesini Ceramics; Valentina Garonzi, founder of the start-up Diamante in the diagnostic-biotech sector.

In these women, we also find Ida Poletto, telling about her story, manager of our Hotel in Abano Terme: the AbanoRitz, wellness and thermal center, a traditional and family business.

These tellings have been presented in the end of September in Villa Freya, the wonderful estate owned to Freya Strak (Paris, 31 January 1893 – Asolo, 09 May 1993), great voyager and English writer, daughter of art from parents painters. Famous for her explorations in Middle East, most of whose virgins, she has been named Lady of the Order of the British Empire. The portrait of who lived in full her freedom following her dreams and passions, passing stereotypes, injuries and social convention: a symbol in the feminist emancipation.

Many are the journey scripts let, the beginning of the travel writing, for her one of the most natural consequences to the love to travel which she used to have.

And it is for this love that the Festival of the Traveler has been made in Villa Freya, where Ida Poletto has proudly participated at the presentation of the book “Le donne che fecero l’impresa – Nessun pensiero è mai troppo grande” (Women which made the business – No thought is ever too great).

Abano Terme is few kilometers far from this and many others magic places. We wait for you!

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