The winter solstice: guinness for the real shorter day

“In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.”

Albert Camus

December, the last month of this decade is already ending. Between the 21st and the 22nd we have the last of the four big astronomic appointments of the year: the winter solstice. The longer night in the year, the shorter day, the moment in which the sun is closer to the earth with a maximum grade. Right this grade makes rays arrive in the earth in a so oblique way to justify the low temperatures. The term comes from the latin solstitium, composed by sol-, “sun”, and –sistere, “stop”, cause the sun seems like stopping for a moment, take a rest. We get ready to start the ascension to the sun, to the warmth, to the spring and the summer. Symbolically it is the light which win on the darkness. It was called the celebration of Yule by Celtics and it consisted in a period of rest, feats and dance. Period that went on till the protestant reform. One of the main symbols of this event is Stonehenge, a mysterious whole of huge stones which is located in Wiltshire and it really seems to be an old astronomic observatory.

In the northern hemisphere this period is associated to the dark night, whereas in the southern hemisphere to the light. But no matter where we are, this solstice is perfect to fix new goals; 2020 seems it will be a year of big changes, generally positives, and so this December could be the perfect moment to get ready balancing our own energies.  In this regard, this solstice introduce us to a period in which we will be surrounded by really powerful energies coming from a different system, but spread to us from the constellation of the Capricorn: an event which happens just every 7 years and we will be able to take advantage of it right in this December.

It is as well the moment to face with ourselves, with good resolutions not succeeded, but do you know what? It doesn’t matter if our plans have not been realized, it doesn’t matter if you did few mistakes going on, it doesn’t matter! Let’s celebrate where we are now and where we arrived: 2020 will be the turning point!

We will celebrate all together right here at the AbanoRitz and, in order to get ready to welcome a so rich 2020, the appointments at the events will be different and various. Among these, the 28th of December has an unmissable evening full of surprises: a clairvoyant will be at the disposal of our clients to look at the future with a smile and in the waiting time, the caricaturist Alberto Rizzi of Albix Art will immortalize the best of our “big family”. Right, cause as we use to say “this hotel is a home” and the guests are always welcomed with open arms and full of loving attentions, they are friends, they are family.

Happy solstice and happy holidays by the Poletto family and by the Staff of the AbanoRitz that introduce you full of offers and surprises!

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