The democratic luxury for us at AbanoRitz

The AbanoRitz Manifesto


We are like that…


18 are the points of our personal Manifesto, exactly as the numbers contained in the current year, because luxury for us is more a word and only at AbanoRitz you can discover the real meaning and essence of it.

18 clear points that describe the true essence of our hotel and of all our staff because we love showing us for what we are and stand out not for the form but for the contents.

We have come back from the desired holidays with exclusive news and original propositions always in line with an idea of hospitality that both amazes and make you feel at home!


AbanoRitz Spa Wellfeeling Resort Italy – Abano Terme, Padova – Via Monteortone, 19
Tel. +39 0498633100 – Direct booking +39 0498633444 / 5


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