The dances are open: Venice Carnival 2018

The 2018 Venice Carnival begins on Saturday 27th January and will give its best until Tuesday, February 13th.

Here are the most important dates to remember!



  • January 27th and 28th: ​​Apertura / Festa Veneziana, the grand opening of the Carnival with the Venetian Festival in Cannaregio, accompanied by the water procession of rowers in costume and gastronomic tastings.
  • 3 and 4 February: Start of shows in Piazza San Marco. The Flight of the Angel, the Feast of the Marie (recalls a historical event that has been revisited through the beauty contest in Renaissance costume), historical re-enactments.
  • 8 February (Fat Thursday): The Ballad of the Masks with the Cutting of the Bull’s Head.
  • 10th and 11th February: final of the competition for The most beautiful Mask, the Flight of the Eagle and the musical concerts, the Flight of the Donkey in Mestre.
  • 13 February (Fat Tuesday): the “Svolo del Leon” and the proclamation of the Maria of Carnival 2018.

Throughout the period there will be daily appointments for The most beautiful Mask competition in which you can admire wonderful costumes, cultural events including itineraries and night visits to the main museums and cultural places in the city, theatrical readings, exhibitions, etc. .. Moreover, you can not miss moments more goliardic with the DJ sets of the venetian contest.

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