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Carnival 2019



Carnival, this year, will start with the Fat Thursday the 28th of February, ending with the Shrove Tuesday the 5th of March. There are lot of celebrations in Italy and the most popular are the ones in Venice that, with the Angel’s Fly, kick off to masks, music and parties all around the lagoon.

Another event really nice and maybe the older historically speaking goes on in Verona: the famous “Bacanal del Gnoco”. In addition to the staging of the Carnival’s Village for all the weekend, the festival will reach the top with the “Venerdì Gnocolar”, that this year will be on the 1st of March, with a carnival float, music and amusement for all the ages.

The Bacanal del Gnoco sees its lineages in the XVI century when, following floods and incursions by the Lanzichenecchi, people found themselves in a unprecedented famine and they assaulted bakeries. Few citizens decided to calm down the revolt refreshing, paying by themselves, poorest people of the quarter, the so named “sansenati”. Tradition tells that in those magnanimous citizens there was even the Da Vinco, named “teacher and restorer” of the Baccanale del Gnocco.


We will celebrate like this at the AbanoRitz:


Thurday, 28/02:   Gala candlelight dinner  with pianist at White Gloves Restaurant

Friday, 01/03:   Happy hours with voice and music which will gladden us after dinner as well

Saturday, 02/03:  Live music by the Miguel Team at Midnight Vintage Club, with masks and cotillions

Sunday, 03/03:   Swimming Pools & Relax

Monday, 04/03:   Classic concert in our  “Sala degli Specchi” Mirror Hall

Tuesday, 05/03:   Fritters and galani (typical Italian carnival pastries) all together in the Hall


Our proposals


The Carnival, you know, also like and above all the children who will not pay anything here in the hotel! Do not you believe it?! From 28 February to 6 March children up to 12 years stay free! In Special room, two nights half board for two adults and up to three children; the RitzVital and RitzLife services are also included:

Book 'Carnival kids free of charge'


We also propose you a joyful and playful package: Arlecchino at SPAIn Elegant Double room, three half board nights with the 20% discount on the staying, including two back-neck massages and a return ticket to Venice:

Book 'Arlecchino at SPA'


Discover the pleasure of spending a fun and relaxing Carnival 2019 here, with your family!

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Tel. +39 0498633100 – Direct booking +39 0498633444 / 5
E-mail: abanoritz@abanoritz.it

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