Open or closed for work ..? What happens in July at AbanoRitz

The July works at AbanoRitz



Let’s guess the AbanoRitz hotel in July after saying goodbye to the last guests in June.. Don’t you believe it will turn into a empty and silent building! As happens in every well organized family, time comes to do house works, and the month of July is that time for AbanoRitz!

The hotel becomes an anthill! – says the General manager, Ida Poletto. This is the clearest picture of AbanoRitz when a mass of workers will come over to clean, restore and renew the hotel. Just imagine the Seven dwarfs marching towards the hotel on July 1st! But they will deliver the house in a brilliant shape for our guests, starting from next August.


The works

Some works are the same every year. Every place and furniture has to be cleaned and the walls have to be painted again. But each time something new comes over.

What you can not yet imagine is where the next stage of what we have called “Never ending story” will lead us. Let’s talk about that creative cocoon of the AbanoRitz management that has transformed some of the hotel’s spaces over the last few years, to reinforce the identity of a place of care and stay that has made personalization and originality its banner, against any cold standardization, always in the wake of a long and solid tradition of hospitality at the highest levels.


Some clues..

The place par excellence where you can admire the all-Italian style in the furnishings and comfort at the AbanoRitz is the Fifth floor where starting from August there will be 2 other new “Creative rooms”.

For now we can only reveal the names of the two new rooms and leave you some small clues to stimulate your imagination.

“Wood” is already in itself a good clue, if wood is the reason that distinguishes this new environment where you can stay, try to imagine yourself surrounded by a living and natural material, with the refinement and elegance of a Wellness Resort..

“On the road”, is a reference to the history of the great travel literature that has had among the leading exponents as Keruac .. A place that will gather all the suggestions of the mythology of the journey to discover physical and imaginary places, to overcome boundaries, discovering oneself..



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