May 13th: a Mother’s Day at AbanoRITZ

Mum is celebrated?


AbanoRITZ celebrates this international anniversary with a great yes!


Sunday, May 13th, how not to celebrate this great day?

AbanoRITZ does so by offering 4 Wellness Gift corresponding to the elements of nature, because for us the answer is that mum is repaid of all the love and commitment that puts, those for the family and sons, celebrating it and giving her special moments for a healthy relaxing and regenerating break. We give all mothers the opportunity to recover from the daily labors and return to being simply themselves, simply mothers!

The Wellness Gift by AbanoRITZ avoids the stress of thinking about the right gift, with the certainty of making every mother happy and with the awareness that giving it away is a gesture of attention and love.

All Wellness Gift can be conveniently purchased online in complete safety, receiving the box directly at home. Each box is personalized and in theme with the 4 foundations of nature:


Pure Relaxation & SPA Experience for 1 person


Wellness, SPA & Gourmet for two


Luxury for two & SPA


Salus per Aquam & Pleasure of the Senses

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Saturday night Gala Dinner at the White Gloves Reastaurant for our mothers in the hotel, for a very special Mother’s Day!


Even if for many it is a yes, some think differently…


Although there are conflicting opinions, as emerged from a survey by Radio 24, it seems that most Italians still consider this important and indispensable celebration.

The survey was made after the recent uproar created by the closure of an nursery school in Rome that decided to cancel the celebration of Mother’s Day, considering it discriminatory towards new families and those made up of same-sex parents. Here, putting these questions is almost spontaneous:

Is Mother’s day now outdated by time?

What and how should they celebrate children who do not have a mother in the traditional sense?

How should parents celebrate?

The opinion of the listeners of the program was interesting, and they were asked to stand up for the position they felt most among one of them:

1 – Abolitionists Mother’s Day (7%). The worst abominations of our country have been consumed on the rhetoric of the “mother’s heart”. Mother’s day, useless and rhetorical, should be abolished as any trace of national momism.

2 – Conservatives Mother’s Day (48%). Touch us all but do not touch our mother. An Italy without Mother’s Day is a more sad Italy, like a day without sun. And then if you start taking away Mother’s Day you will end up with the elimination of Christmas.

3 – Evolutionists Mother’s Day (45%). It is useless to be nostalgic, the Italian family has changed, it is right the proposal to set up as an alternative to Mother’s Day the family party, or to be truly correct and respectful of all children, celebrate the Mother’s Day and the mother man.

Only in a negligible percentage the public has been among the “Abolitionists Mother’s Day (7%)”. The reasons were the most varied, but it is clear that the overwhelming prevalence of those who do not want to abolish the celebration: mainly “Conservatives Mother’s Day (48%)”, cradled by the reassuring memory that everyone has and wants to keep their mother. And finally, the strong presence of the “Evolutionists Mother’s Day (45%)”, which although considering it a day to be dedicated to mothers, proposes possible enlargements. Among these the parents who have children obtained with surrogate motherhood, but also the separated or single that propose a “Mother’s Day and those who take their place”.





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