May 12, Mother’s Day!

“Mother, I’m so happy cause I come back to you.”cit. Beniamino Gigli

Rhea (Cibeles), the abundance goddess and the gods’ mother. She got married with her brother, Cronus, who started to eat all his sons and daughters to whom Rhea gave birth to do not be dethroned, as he did with his own father. Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades, Poseidon. But it was different for Zeus, saved by his own mother who gave Cronus to devour a stone enveloped with a cloth instead of the baby. Zeus, once he grew up, intelligent and strong, forced his father to throw up the others sons and daughters he swallowed.

Polytheists people used to dedicate each spring a week to the women divinities connected with the earth and its renovated fertility. Hellenics, particularly, used to devote an entire day to their mother: the celebration coincided with the one in honor of the goddess Rhea.

Already from here it born the tradition to celebrate the maternal figure. Every country, over time, personalized this day. In Italy, in the 30s, we used to honor the national day of the mother and the child on the 24th of December; from the 50s to nowadays, instead, we have the Mother’s Day in May. On the 18th of December 1958 Raul Zaccari had the idea to submit a draft of law in order to institutionalize the Mother’s Day. The low was approved causing a big dispute in the Senate.

Us of the Abano Ritz, hotel with a matriarchal tradition which counts four women generations, we couldn’t for sure do not give to the Mother’s Day the owed importance (taking anything away to fathers). The weekend of the 12th of May will wait you with special promotions for you…mothers!

Proposals for Mother’s Day

Give your mother a special weekend of relaxation and pampering. The AbanoRitz has created a tailor-made package for you and for her: a stay to spend together with outdoor walks, shopping and moments of tranquility in the wonderful SPA.

The best way to say “thank you mom, I love you“? Give her a moment to spend together, a weekend for two that includes everything she likes most: shopping, walking, good food and relaxation. So why not choose the voucher to compose with everything you want, tailored for you and customized for her? Furthermore, for the duration of your stay, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy the privacy and exclusivity of the magnificent SPA of our RitzSPAce Center.


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All this translates into time for self-care with a range of truly unique treatments and rituals, thanks also to the tranquility that reigns in the immense park, a green lung of 6.000 square meters with pools and secluded corners dedicated to regeneration.

The hotel is 5 minutes from the center and 10 km from Padua and the shopping streets, but also from the Euganean Hills: a comfort that invites, with the clean air, to make pleasant walks, bike rides or food and wine stops.

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