Looking at Summer by the pool with a new IN SUITE event


On Friday 15th June we’ll be looking at the Summer with a new IN SUITE event by the pool at AbanoRITZ.
Following the joyful Dixie-Jazz notes we will bring our guests to the hotel into a fascinating journey where history, melt with contemporary creativity and original craft skills with two brilliant art&craft women.

Among artisanal pearls and paper jewels

We’ll listen to the magic history of Venetian pearls by The Venetian Dreams impiraressa  – literally “a person who put in pearlsMarisa Convento, who will recall us the ancient myths and legends about this unique artisanal work. She will also tell us about her artisanal know-how and passion to create such beautiful and timeless pieces by artisanal pearls and conterie (pearls made from a pierce thin cane of glass) of Murano glass.

The paper designer Stefania Giannici from PAPEROOWL will talk about the fascinating and unknown art of paper. She will talk about an art of levity and steadiness, manipulable and artisanal at the same time. She will then show us her artisanal activity starting from choosing the paper till transforming it in precious and fascinating objects almost weightless.

By the pool on Dixieland notes

The journey will continue by the pool with a cocktail time and a concert by Tiger Dixie Band which will make us live the joyful original Jazz atmosphere from the twenties and bring us towards the Swing of thirties.


Designed and developed by My B Mood, IN-SUITE events are conceived to give Hotel’s guest the opportunity to enjoy the AbanoRITZ staying and get to know its peculiar spaces, rich of 50 years of history. From the wide lobby to the elegant Venetian music hall, to the thermal swimming pool with its unique ceiling of design…Every place can tell us a fascinating story and let us imagine many more. IN-SUITE event will tell them in a creative and elegant way, plus a levity touch such as an otium and leisure place requires, according to its thermal DNA.


Venetian Dreams

Marisa Convento. Photo credits Claudia Rossini

Marisa Convento is the owner of «Venetian Dreams» and she is one of the main ambassadors of best Venetian craft and a keeper of history and knowledge about piercing glass pearls technique.

“My job is preserving being an impiraressa nowadays in Venice.”, Marisa sais.
“And that means keep the ancient culture and the secret technique of a poor job in the past, to improve it and bring it in the future, getting the most beautiful jewels from Venetian glass pearls tradition.

Well known by the international press Marisa’s creations are unique and sustainable, made to feel women happy and self-confident with themselves.



Stefania Giannici


Creative workshop and shop where you will appreciate artistic works, jewels and colourful decorations made with passion by paper.

Something wired is simply obvious for Paperoowl which thinks of paper as a precious, multichoice and hard material. Each kind of paper has its personality and Paperoowl loves transforming such material in unique and lovely objects, with a great passion for its job.”


Tiger Dixie Band

From 20 years the Tiger Dixie Band works on recovering the Jazz of the “roaring years” with an interpretive approach, while respecting the musical atmospheres of the beginning of the century.

Thus its research with original instruments aims to play Jazz of the origin with a contemporary sensibility, through a fluid interpretation, rich in nuances and subtle humor.


Original Classic Jazz Band

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