Detour in Abano Terme

The theme of the journey



The Persian poet and philosopher Omar Khayyam said that “life is a journey and those who travel live twice”. Nowadays the journey has different interpretations, different modes, different causes, different goals and different consequences.

Here the theme of the seventh edition of the Detour Film Festival which will take place from the 22nd to the 31st of March in Padova’s territory and it will be hosted from the city of Abano Terme from the 22nd to the 24th of March. This is by now a unique appointment in a region, the Veneto, that in those last years is distinguishing itself thanks to the different emerged leading figures.

The journey seen in all its nuances through the film, miraculous adventures and incredible experiences which catapult us in other countries, other ages, other realities. Detour affords different aspects, languages and formats, from unreleased works to the well-known movies of the cinema history. Directors, producers, actors, reviewers and authorized personnel will be the key guests of these three days rich of projections, meetings and workshops. Projections will take place from the morning to the evening at the Cinema Marconi.

The guests


Claudio Cuppellini, Nanni Moretti, Jonas Carpignano, Silvio Soldini, Francesco Bruni, Duccio Chiarini, Matteo Oleotto, Gabriele Mainetti, Alice Roarwacher


Gregorio Paonessa, Tommaso Arrighi, Francesco Virga, Andrea Stucovitz, Nicola Giuliano, Emanuele Nespeca


Jasmine Trinca, Alessio Borghi, Valerio Mastandrea, Giuseppe Battiston, Antonio Albanese, Rocco Papaleo, Anita Caprioli Valentina Carnelutti, Lucia Mascino, Paolo Pierobon, Isabella Ragonese, Aldo Baglio

As an accommodation facility in Abano Terme we are therefore honored to host some of these professionals, in a hotel that is itself a journey: a journey back on time which bring us back to modern-days passing through four generations, a journey in the hospitality, in the wellness and in the relax. Destination for many guests from decades, but above all destination of our thermal water that arrives here, after a journey of thousands years at 3000 meters deep, to our source, to let us to take advantage from its innumerable and known benefits.

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