August through the old ways of the faith

At the AbanoRitz to discover the charming tour of the holy places of Euganeans Hills… to rediscover yourself in the context of the old ways of faith meditative views.

The territory which encloses the AbanoRitz gives many and various itineraries about history, culture, tradition and faith of Veneto and the High Padova.

Our Hotel is at the foot of Euganeans Hills in the biggest and older thermal complex in Europe, so it is an ideal starter point in order to discover the touristic richness in the pulsating heart of the Region.

There are multiples possibilities: from the lagoon of Venezia to the inland waterways, from the art cities to the walled cities, from the museums to the Venetian Villas, from the churches to the monasteries till the panoramas and the natural beauties of the Hills Park, from the bike ring to the Golf Clubs; all precious activities to alternate at the relaxing and healing stay at the AbanoRitz.

In August, far from the overcrowded sites and the too famous and visited locations, we want to recommend you a real alternative for your vacation, a vacation for the mind and the soul over the body: “The old ways of the faith”, a thematic route which develops in a range of more or less 15 kilometers around the Hotel. Over the well-known Basilica of Sant’Antonio, visited every year from millions of pilgrims, there are many other sites suggestive and rich of spirituality ready to be discover.

In the closest sites, just 5 kilometers far, we suggest you the Praglia Abbey: the most important and beloved place of spirituality in the Euganeans Hills area. It is a really old Benedictine monastery, initially built in the XI century and then between the XV and XVI. You could walk through cloisters and rooms till the Monumental National Library guided by one of the wise monks living there inside.

Ten minutes far from Praglia you could visit the shrine of Our Lady of Health which is in the quarter of Monteortone on the Euganeans Hills, really close to us. It is an enchanting place of Marian devotion active since more than five centuries, with an miraculous water arrival just next to the church.

The tradition tells that a wounded knight went to pray in a grove where the water of a thermal spring was bubbling; after the bath he was recovered and he found a figure with the Virgin Mary painted on it. To the Virgin Mary of Monteortone was blamed the end of the pestilence that hit Padova in the XVI century.

Moving in the south-occidental part of the city, we find one of the most beautiful villages in Italy: Montagnana. The Dome of Montagnana is a marvelous urban jewel, placed in this old walled city. Built in 1431 in a Gothic-Venetian style, the church shields precious artworks by Veronese and by Giorgione.

But the most beautiful village is with no doubt Arquà Petrarca, where used to live Francesco Petrarca and there is his house, his grave and the little church of the village, while one of the most suggestive hermitages is that one of the Camaldoleses built on the 1530 on the Rua Mont for the monks and San Daniele for the nuns. The Benedictine monastery of the nuns of San Daniele is only 2 kilometers far and it is a wonderful walk or pedal as it connected at the AbanoRitz by a bike lane.

Finally the sanctuary of the Madonna Mount, has represented, since the XIV century, a place of retreat and absolute spiritual research. The sanctuary is 12 kilometers far from the Hotel: this, as others holy sites, charm as well for the naturalistic and panoramic context which distinguish it in the Regional Park of Euganeans Hills.

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