AbanoRitz in real time!

The restyling of AbanoRitz told by those who live it!


On the fifth floor the inevitable but strongly desired is happening..


We want to show you the real work, the authentic behind the scenes set up by a team of indefatigable workers who are striving to give a renewed image to the house, work in progress therefore for this whole month..follow us from week to week to see, just like a butterfly cocoon that slowly begins to hatch, the transformation in act day by day!


Updating time, refresh time, let’s say change!


Our Gabriele and Giorgio are busy with maintenance work


Here at the hotel you already start to breathe a different air, because the scenery is changing little by little leaving behind the image of how we used to see it! At AbanRitz in these days a crowd of people among the insiders and the staff always present to perform the activities of ordinary administration..even in July!Projects on paper and related transactions in real time, we are sure that will be worth efforts to make you soon find a more welcoming and varied environment than ever!

With the reopening of 28th of the current month, in fact, a dedicated proposal is already ready, valid from 28th July to 11th August starting from a night’s stay in half board and with a 25% discount on all types of rooms!


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The new Creative Rooms..


Strange to see but for us easy to imagine..


Much of the commitment will be channeled for the creation of the 2 new “Creative rooms” on the fifth floor that from August can show off all their originality, recently we have revealed some clues to better understand what it is…and how well we know the curiosity is not just a woman! ;-D


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Open or closed for work ..? What happens in July at AbanoRitz


Offerte AbanoRitz