A year of concerts for 50 years of history: The Colors of Music in the World

At the AbanoRITZ we regularly offer our guests cultural and social occasions, where to meet and admire an exhibition, listen to the presentation of a book, or attend a concert. In the year of the 50th anniversary of the birth of the hotel, we want to thank to all the foreign guests that over the years have stayed with us and have contributed to consolidating an increasingly international hospitality and welcoming tradition.

Here is how the festival of “The Colors of Music in the World” is born, in collaboration with the KlyoMusic Association: an imaginary journey through the countries of the world through music, combining and overcoming national barriers, to become a universal language. Here’s the story of Enrico Danese of KlyoMusic.


The interview

What is your project? Could you briefly describe it?

The project is born to celebrate 50 years of history of the AbanoRITZ Hotel. During these past years, the AbanoRITZ have welcomed people from everywhere in the world so we decided to organize a monthly concert, each one devoted to a different country. Concerts will be held every last Friday of the month, at 9:15pm, and they won’t be just classical music but also a homage to the venetian baroque production, to the piano impressionism of late nineteenth century France, to the Celtic music of Ireland, Scotland and England, to Cuban and Brazilian atmospheres, to the Argentine tango, to the eastern melodies of Tibetan bowls and gong, sitar and original wind instruments, to popular Israeli melodies, to the piano virtuosity of the Russian school.

How does these inspirations result in your project?

With the participation of extraordinary professional musicians specialized in different musical genres, with programs that will satisfy the experts but be pleasantly enjoyed also by a broader audience, that might discover new sounds and atmospheres. The aim is to show to the guests of the AbanoRITZ and to the audience how much the hotel cares for the quality of its cultural proposal.

Which is, in your opinion, the uniqueness of the AbanoRITZ? Is there something that struck you in particular?

The uniqueness lies mostly on the unconventional attitude of the management, it is rare to find such appreciation for this kind of projects, far from the mere, cheaper and easier background music that don’t transmit any emotion. On a side note, there are few hotels in Italy that boast a concert hall with two Steinway & Sons grand pianos. The possibility of pairing the concerts to a dinner or the weekend offers with SPA access enhance the uniqueness and the peculiarity of the festival-AbanoRITZ Hotel connection.


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