21st March – World Poetry Day

This year springtime let us wait, despite Equinox is supposed to happen one day in advance! From Hotel Abano RITZ you can still have a winter view with Euganei hills coverd with snow. A wonderful scenary to inspire beautiful poetries..

Thus, waiting for springtime, we celebrate the Unesco World Poetry Day on the same day of the beginning of the season. We don’t need to recall that in this area lived some of the most famous poets, such as Petrarca, Foscolo, Shelley..

Women’s Poetry

21st March is also the date of birth of one of our best poetess Alda Merini (21 marzo 1931), who wrote the poem “Birth on 21th March”

For a long time women’s Poetry was neglected. Men’s gotha couldn’t understand their peculiar way to express their feelings an their talent. Only recently women’s Poetry got a first place in history of Letterature and many poetess achieved their place in the international Woman Poetry’s scene.

Poetry mirroring

We should also pay attention to dialect Poetry for the richness of accents and musicality of our idiom in different areas of the Peninsula.

To quote a contemporary poet, Francesco Scarabicchi, “poets also enjoy poetry for itself and its way of being”

Beyond all that, poetry is necessary for sure: we need it to grow both in our human and cultural way of living. Because it’s related to life in its deepness aspects.

And we need to get over the idea that Poetry is hard to understand and it is only for those who knows its code. We hope this celebration will get people enjoy poetry without any particular mean, and increse the number of people estimating poems.

To learn more:

#Percorsi DiVersi, Fondazione Corriere della Sera
Radio 3
Poetry Vicenza 2018

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