What is a Second Opinion?

Second Opinion


Nowadays the term Second Opinion frequently occurs in the debate on radio, television and newspapers, but what is meant by Second Opinion?

The term derives from the English language and indicates the wish, for a patient, to request a second opinion from another doctor regarding their problem.


Who is the service for?


The service, already in use in many European countries, is gaining ground in our country and is aimed at:

  • an examination that has already received a diagnosis and answer on a topic in a field;
  • a patient who has received conflicting diagnoses contradicting each other and who asks a consultation for a medical excellence that has already ecountered hard attribution cases;
  • a patient who has already received a diagnosis and who wants to evaluate different therapeutic proposals.


Why asking for a Second Opinion?


Requesting a Second Opinion is therefore a practice that can be suitable too all those patients that:

  • desire that nothing is left to chance;
  • desire that no detail be overlooked;
  • feel uncertain about a diagnosis received;
  • want to speak with more specialists before tackling a therapy rather than a surgical procedure.


Actually, the request for a second opinion seems to be not only rightful but it is also encouraged by those Doctors who prefer to direct a patient to a more experienced colleague in specific diseases.

It is a service that increases the chances of treatment of patients.


Who to contact to ask for a Second Opinion?


Second opinion is a network of doctors with a demonstrated expertise.

All the doctors in Second Opinion’s website are selected by a Scientific Committee which guarantees the highest quality of service and that can be reached with just a few clicks.

The specialists of the Second Opinion Network cover many medical branches ranging from cardiology to radiology, from oncology to neurology, from dermatology to sports radiology.




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