S.O.S. backache

How to make the back pains pass?



Nine out of 10 people suffer back pains at least once in their life, mainly due to wrong positions, movements and postures and, of course, an increasingly stressful lifestyle. What does most people do? Coexists with the disorder by taking a painkiller, after all when the pain is triggered, the desire is always and only one: pass it!..


The solutions



Not all types of physical activity are healthy for the back..

Perfect is the activity in the water, ideal to go to the thermal pool. Because the weightless movement (back swimming and aquagym or thermal hydrokinesitherapy) helps the muscles to relax and unwind.

For the desk choose a chair with a high back at the height of the shoulder blades.

Stress causes back pain, as evidenced by a study conducted at Stanford University in the United States. The best solution, therefore, is to learn how to control tensions…and the most effective anti-stress techniques are: yoga and chi.kung, de-stress massages with oriental techniques and…relaxing holidays in an accredited SPA that allow even for a few days to switch off and break with the wear and tear of everyday life.



Sleeping on a hard mattress is NOT good for your back as many still believe. On the other hand, if when you lie down, the mattress follows the curvature of the body without creating hollows

The fear of suffering often leads to staying still as much as possible. Nothing more WRONG. Movement, especially walking, stimulates the production of some substances that have a pain-relieving effect. It also helps relax the muscles that are contracted during a backache attack.



What do we have to offer in this regard?

From November 30th to December 2nd, AbanoRitz will host the Back School: it is built to teach everything needed to prevent and treat back pain and neck pain; it is not a simple gym for back pain, but a real school. Go to the dedicated article: BACK SCHOOL – TOSO PROGRAM

Also available is the AbanoRitz Thermal Space Package, valid for 2 people, which allows you to have the following services included per person from Monday to Saturday:


  • 1 Consult with our Health Director
  • 1 Mature thermal mud and ozonized thermal bath
  • 1 Back Neck massage with neck and back decontracting dough
  • 1 Aerosol
The stay is two nights with breakfast and in the MiniRoom MaxiLove room.

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