Relax & Voice Experience at the AbanoRITZ: three days of relaxation and voice care

The AbanoRITZ Hotel is headquarted of the Professional Voice Center and is the only hotel facility in the country that offers this type of protocol for professional voice maintenance and care. Strong and centuries-old experiences, scientific studies, medical publications and European patents have shown that thermal treatments can contribute to prevention and health preservation for the body, which now we call psychophysical wellness and that also includes artistic voice production and speech.

Voice and speech production are the main means of expression and communication, involving the whole body, with all the psychological and emotional effects that follows. Interactions between speech production and the whole body postural attitude of the person are well-known. Therefore, it is important to considerate not only physiological postures, but their deviations and alterations too.

In order to achieve our purpose in the Center, we propose two different protocols:

  • Activities aimed at the prevention and maintenance of the health status of artists – actors and singers – and other professional voice users, according to a “psychophysical wellbeing pattern”;
  • Activities aimed at the diagnosis, care and recovery for singers, actors and other voice professional users that suffers from pathological changes of the voice.


Relax & Voice Experience

Three days to learn the scientific-biological and/or educational sides of the voice, analyze your own voice and achieve psychophysical relaxation. A stay thought for all professional voice users (teachers, singers, actors, etc.) that feel alteration symptoms in their voice, that want to increase its power or just for prevention.

An innovative path to voice recovery, a global approach conducted by a specialized medical team that will analyze and study the scietific-biolgical and therapeutic sides of our voice, in thermal landscape that will help you discover a different time, wellness and relaxation, thanks to a hotel that features a spa and wellness center and a beauty corner.

The activities are:

  • Clinical evaluation (phoniatric and ENT examination);
  • “Tailor Made” examinations (videolaryngoscopy, spectrografic analisys, hearing exam, phonetogram);
  • Word articulation and pronunciation exam;
  • Rehabilitation treatment – speech therapy if needed.


Promotional package AbanoRITZ

The protocol is connected to a promotional package. Discover our offers on the Hotel AbanoRITZ website! The available dates are:

  • 12-13-14 March 2017;
  • 09-10-11 April 2017;
  • 14-15-16 May 2017;
  • 11-12-13 June2017;


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