Post-Christmas stress: it exists and we can fight it!

“Humor is an excellent antidote to stress.”

Patch Adams

It is known that it exists a close relation between food and mood. Various scientific studies have shown, among other things, that the state of mind can be a simple matter of chemistry that can be safely conveyed with a series of foods which contain or stimulate the production of substances that help the good mood and therefore the production of serotonin.

From planning gifts to the emotional load of preparations, it can happen to live the Christmas celebrations like real toils: a tour de force generator of tension that leaves behind it a strange melancholy. Tiredness, malaise, nervousness, insomnia, bad mood. Experts say these sensations have a name: “post-Christmas stress syndrome”.

To fight the tiredness, foods rich in B and C vitamins, but especially in tryptophan are a great help. The tryptophan is an essential amino acid which can be introduced only by food. It is the precursor of the neurotransmitter serotonin also known as “happiness hormone”.

So, what should we put in the dish to mentally recover from this period?

  1. MILK and derivates certainly have a beneficial effect on the anxiety: the active bacteria contained act on the intestinal level and it is proven that there is a connection between altered intestinal profile and anxiety. They also contain a kind of natural opiates that are great for the nervousness, for fighting the insomnia and for the anxiety: caseomorphins.
  2. DRIED FRUITS is a great source of vitamin E which, in times of great stress, is consumed very quickly by the organism. In addition, the contained magnesium helps to reduce tiredness and therefore they are an excellent snack.
  3. EGGS are rich in vitamin D, vitamin E, zinc and Omega 3: The perfect food for our good mood as well as the fact that they naturally calm down the anxiety and they contrast the aging and the memory loss.
  4. BRESAOLA (air-cured beef), in addition to its known properties, contain a significative level of tryptophan.
  5. PASTA is a well-known source of carbohydrates and of energy as well as tryptophan. Even if someone say you should not eat it at dinner, it is proven that it helps in making you happy and it helps you in sleeping well.
  6. BANANA is rich in potassium as well than magnesium: energy and wellness. The chrome which is contained helps in balancing the serotonin: not by chance it is used to mime the smile!
  7. SAUMON and TUNA, extremely rich in Omega 3, act on serotonin which regulates the release of good mood. Containing a good dose of Vitamin D as well, they are a real natural antidepressant that regulates mood swings.
  8. HONEY has always been considered a natural antidepressant that promotes concentration and rest. In addition to release serotonin like most sweet products, it is also rich in many other substances that deal with physical and mental well-being such as manganese, iron, iodine, vitamins A, B and E, as well as potassium.
  9. CHOCOLATE, absolutely dark, is rich in flavonoids that help concentration by favoring calm, as well as being a natural antioxidant.
  10. LENTILS, a legume with a thousand virtues, contains iron and provides our body with potassium and phosphorus. Like all legumes, it contains complex carbohydrates that help maintain a constant level of sugar in the blood throughout the whole day.

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