Many “Hugs” for the Father’s Day..

“Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventures, story-tellers and singers.” Pam Brown



The fathers’ day born in the beginning of XX century in United States, when a certain Sonora Smart Dodd insure that fathers could be celebrated like mothers. She choose the date of the 19 June cause it was her father’s birthday, but dates and significations change from Country to Country. In Italy it has been chosen to celebrate on the 19th of March, saint Joseph day, symbol of the classic vision of a devote and affective father. The inevitable pastry for this day is the Saint Joseph’s Zeppola, a fried dough abundantly filled with cream.

Regardless of where you are, pass the fathers’ Day with your family, remind him how much he is important for you, give him attentions, hugs.

Francesco Bruno and Sonia Canterini write “The science of hugs”, published by Franco Angeli. A study about benefits of the hugs, psychologically and healthy speaking, which stimulate the oxytocin release, the love and wellness hormone”. Paulo Coehlo said “Tradition tells that when we give a sincere hug to someone, we gain a day of life”.

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