Hang concert: Paolo Borghi at AbanoRitz



The music is based on the harmony between sky and earth, on the coincidence between the disorder and the clarity.” – Hermann Hesse

The 7th of June, in order to welcome the Sun month, AbanoRitz introduces you Paolo Borghi who will delight us with his Handpan in a “Home Concert”: a space which crosses his musical freedom to stories and emotions. A concept who born to open the doors at the outside word, at the guests, at the family in the cosiness of a…salon: our Sala degli Specchi.

Paolo Borghi, class 83, graduates in 2013 in music therapy at the CETOM in Firenze. With a strong attraction for the street art and the entertainment, he also develops since always a passion for percussions looking continuously for new, peculiar and unusual instruments. Originally being a carpenter, he has fun as well in creating few variations of them. In April 2007 he buys his first Handpan, even known as Hang, name of the trademark of the first Swiss producer. In following years, Paolo manages to blend this passion to his studies creating a method of integrated music therapy for relaxation fusing together different techniques connected at the auto-massage with voiced meditations and with vocal exercises : Sonum Sound Healing. This method comes straight from a made analysis of unconscious technologies used by shamans for recovery with a more psychodynamic approach to the music therapy.

Free entry. Places are limited and a concert reservation is required.


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