AbanoRitz: the only hotel of the Euganean Spas to supply the agreed insufflations

The interview with Dr. Maria Cristina Facciolo



“The strength of AbanoRitz – says Dr. Maria Cristina Facciolo, the otolaryngologist who has been following the medical-health area of our Rhinogenous Hearing Loss Centre for almost two years – “is to provide an additional but absolutely no less important service to treat diseases such as catarrhal otitis, tubal dysfunction or rhinogenous hypoacusis, that is, hearing loss due to inflammation of the upper respiratory tract and in the early stages of tubal insufficiency of the middle ear, which are disorders, above all the latter, very frequent in children and adolescents where the tube is more horizontal”.

In fact, with the endotympanic peritubaric insufflations and the politzer crenotherapy delivered at our convention center with the national health system, these problems can be solved by freeing the Eustachian tube and the tympanic cavity from the secretions that limit hearing ability. This practice allows the drainage of endotympanic secretions, with aeration of the tympanic cavity and the restoration of the physiological pressure balance between the middle ear and the external ear.

The therapies consist of the introduction of sulphurous thermal gas, according to two different procedures: the politzer method and the insufflation in which the gas is blown, through the Eustachian tube, into the middle ear, by means of a small catheter. “In the adult – explains Dr. – I usually use a catheter that is inserted in both nostrils, while in the child or in the adult intolerant to the catheter, I make use of a painless disposable olive (the politzer method) to be inserted in the inside of the nostril in order to open the tube. The patient is asked to perform swallowing acts for the entire duration of the procedure, so as to indirectly favor the opening of the tube and therefore the passage of the sulphurous gas through it, up to in the middle ear”.

The insufflation cycle is usually combined with inhalations, useful – as a recent article in the Corriere della Sera quoted regarding inflammations and infections to the paranasal sinuses, the so-called sinusitis – to free the upper respiratory tract in case of rhinitis and sinusitis, but also of allergies that awaken especially in this period and of polyposis, alternating them with intranasal washing for nasal hygiene that allow to obtain a greater resistance to all the pathologies that can affect the respiratory tree. In addition, in our center aerosol treatments are also performed for the lower respiratory tract in the presence of bronchitis, laryngitis, tracheitis.

First visit and cycles

AbanoRitz is the only hotel facility of the Euganean Spas that offers this type of treatment and that after the intake of mucolytics or antibiotic therapy results inefficient, it becomes fundamental to solve disorders and pathologies. At our center there is a first enlistment visit carried out by Prof. Rossi and an audiometric examination, useful for prescribing cycles. The visit, if necessary, can also include the removal of wax plugs and can take place on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10 to 11.00 am. The cycles instead, consisting of 12 insufflations, are performed every day except Saturday and Sunday by Dr. Facciolo who states: “Usually from the sixth time and therefore from the sixth insufflation the patient already begins to perceive an improvement but my invitation is to take into consideration these therapies not only as a last resort, indeed even to prevent the onset of more serious problems”.



Interesting to know that…

The AbanoRitz is also the only hotel at the national level that helps and solves problems with the voice and the word in general, mostly present in professionals such as teachers, singers, actors, etc.. The hotel in fact offers a type of protocol for maintenance, the strengthening and care of the professional voice, proving to be a real wellness center for the vocal cords. Read more about our Professional Voice Center

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