ABANO: between past and renewal

Thermae Abano Montegrotto



During the months of October and November, the OGD Thermal baths and Euganean Hills, the organization recognized by the Veneto Region for tourism management, such as the reception, promotion and marketing of the destination, held a series of events to which the AbanoRitz participated with great interest.

The objectives of the organism, presented during the second meeting held in Villa dei Vescovi in Torreglia, are: – to create an integrated image in which to recognize oneself and with which to present the goal, – to increase the average stay of tourists at the spa, – to promote the attractiveness of the whole territory.

During this meeting, moderated by the journalist Francesco Jori, Stefano Masiero, doctor of the University of Padua, the historian Claudio Grandis and the consultant Robert Seppi, manager of the tourism company of Bolzano, took part.

First of all, we talked about the importance of owning a logo, in this case a cone shaped drop (like the volcanic origin of this scenario) with at the base the green color presenting the landscape and at the top the blue to indicate the air, one of the vital elements like water and earth.

Another characteristic element of the Euganean territory is thermal water, whose origin dates back to more than 2.500 years ago and which they used for a long time, used in pre-Roman and Roman times: the daily use of the thermal baths is known, both as personal pleasure and as ‘negotium’. We know that many Roman writers, such as Martial, Pliny the Elder, Suetonius, wrote of the famous Abano and Montegrotto Thermae.

At the end of the meeting, an aperitif was held with the Veneto region typical products: one of the essential things to encourage tourism in the Euganean Hills is to know its territory and proudly offer it.

A very productive conference to raise awareness of the inhabitants of this wonderful area, since the thermal environment, thanks to the green spaces, the volcanic origins, water and geothermal, is able to give great benefits.

The verses reported by Claudio Grandis from the ‘Carme Aponus‘ by Claudio Claudiano – an Egyptian poet from Alexandria who tells us how the people of the territory (which today corresponds to Abano) were devoted to water – direct us towards the solution, that is to be able to heal thanks to the quality of life and therefore of the territory in which we live and to be able to make the most of these resources in the sign of renewal. With greater attention to the collective interests than the individual ones, we transmit, maintaining our identity that derives from a great past, that emotion sought by the traveler, that unforgettable experience of union between man and nature offered by this elegant unique landscape in the world: Thermal baths + Euganean Hills.

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