A new proposal enriches the offer of wellness and relaxation treatments of the AbanoRITZ: Tibetan self-healing yoga. Six new appointments until the end of the year, during which our guests will be able to participate free of charge in Tibetan yoga classes, a discipline traditionally practiced by Tibetan doctors.


The program

The lessons, held by Dr. Valentina Tamiazzo, will take place at 5pm at our equipped gym with the following calendar:

  • Wednesday, November 15th
  • Friday November, 17th
  • Wednesday, December, 6h
  • Friday, December 8th
  • Wednesday, December 27th
  • Friday, December 29th

Each lesson will last about 1’15 ” and provide a brief theoretical introduction that will illustrate to the participants the premises of Tibetan yogic discipline, followed by actual exercises. It is important not to confuse this discipline with the most advanced Tibetan yoga or any other type of Indian yoga.

Participation is reserved to the guests of the AbanoRITZ, it is free and no reservation is required; simply join the gym in time for the beginning of the lesson.


Get to know the Tibetan yoga

Tibetan yoga is a yogic practice traditionally used by Tibetan doctors to maintain their own personal health, and is recommended as a form of prevention and healing exercise for patients.

It represents an important preliminary exercise for the purification of the more and less subtle channels and energies that circulate within our body, which is also essential for proceeding towards more advanced practices. The planned exercises aim to stimulate, unlock and balance the energies present in the body seats that are “treated”.

Tibetan yoga consists essentially of a sequence of 24 exercises connected to different parts and internal organs of the body, and two preliminary breathing techniques to them. It is an extremely beneficial practice for both the body and the mind; it does not, however, require any specific physical ability and therefore is suitable for everyone. All exercises are performed at the sitting mat.


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