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Facing springtime, AbanoRITZ offers its guests a new THERMAE IN LOVE event to discover some evocative and fasinating places in the Hotel on Friday 27th April from 5.30 pm.


Perfume’s myth has always been considered a powerful way to seduce, as well as superstition, legends and aromatic influences.

It is told that Circe used strongly perfumed potions to get Ulisse back; the Queen of Saba used precious and perfumed arabian resins for Salomon King; Giuditta coverd her body with scented oil to seduce Oloferne, whereas Cleopatra put on her skin a scented unguent made from 100 misterious essences of beeswax.

The visit will open with a pleasant spring walk along the 6.000 sq.m Hotel’s park, to discover its roses, Maple, Cypressus, Pomegranate and Jujube trees, hedge of Bay and Rosmary, while a bothanic expert will tell us about gardens, herbs, flowers and…perfumes.

Afterwards we will move in the Mirror’s Hall where The Merchant of Venice brand ambassador will let us discover and enjoy the magical fragrance of herbs, spices and flowers, recalling ancient venetian muda* and commercial routes. We will then listen to the exciting stories about perfumes IN -SUITE, enjoying an aromatic cocktail made for this occasion.

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Designed and developed by My B Mood, IN-SUITE events are conceived to give Hotel’s guest the opportunity to enjoy the AbanoRITZ staying and get to know its peculiar spaces, rich of 50 years of history. From the wide lobby, to the elegant venetian music hall, to the thermal swimming pool with its unique ceiling of design…Every place can tell us a fasinating story and let us imagine many more. IN-SUITE event will tell them in a creative and elegant way, plus a levity touch such as an otium and leisure place requires, according to its thermal DNA.

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